Why you should vote for Mike Teasdale

Experienced Leadership

Education has been key to my life. It opened up a new world of ideas and taught me skills that enabled me to pursue my dreams and have a diverse and rewarding career. I want that for every child in Ventura County. 

The County Office of Education is a large organization providing services to children with special needs, foster kids, and children from migrant families. It offers classes in career technical training for students and professional development for teachers, oversees charter schools and the financial health of all school districts, and provides technology services to local districts.  This organization is governed by the Ventura County Board of Education (VCBOE). It takes an individual with broad understanding of finance, education and the job market to best represent our kids and parents.

I’m running because my experience in the classroom and in business is ideally suited to the VCBOE.  We need new energy on this board to represent us effectively.  We need new leadership that can improve services while carefully managing taxpayer dollars.

In the last 4 years as the Trustee on the Ventura County Board of Education, I have:

-    Supported a unique array of programs addressing student mental health.
-    Promoted Career Education (CE) so that students who do not go to a 4 year college have the skills to get a good job. (CE funding has doubled across the county during my term)
-    Advocated for increased Federal funding for children with special needs
-    Been Elected to a prominent California statewide educational association where I can champion Ventura County goals
-    Led the appointment of a new superintendent who got schools back into session safely

My priorities for the next four years:

•    Safety for our children from violence and drugs
•    More apprenticeships so children going directly into the labor force have job-ready skills
•    More funding for Special Education teachers and related support services
•    Effective parental outreach, listening and engagement

One of the major responsibilities of a trustee is to be a champion for education. As an advocate for education, I will continue to fight tirelessly to get the funding we need so our children start their life's journey with the best preparation. We need the best schools, teachers and technology to face global competition for jobs.  

With the professional skills, and the commitment to listen to, and advocate for, parents, teachers and children, I am the best person to ensure our kids learn in a safe environment and have choices for their careers. My experience in strategy and financial management, as well as 4 years as a Trustee, will be instrumental to ensuring we have enough resources for all kids to get an excellent education while using tax dollars effectively.

Please support my candidacy for Ventura County Board of Education, Area 2. Make sure every child has a quality and safe education. Vote for Mike Teasdale for Ventura County Board of Education.

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